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Criminal Lawyers in the Lakeland & Family Lawyers in St. Paul, Alberta

At New Beginning® Law we believe that there is a solution to the challenges that life can present to you, and we strive to represent clients with strength and integrity. Our vision is to provide clients with legal services in the Lakeland so that they can start their New Beginning.

With Renée’s considerable experience in family law, she provides leadership and a pledge to serve the Lakeland, Alberta with knowledgeable family lawyers and family defence lawyers in St. Paul. With New Beginning® Law’s choice to focus on Family Law, our services include consultations, legal inquiries, appeals, family defense, divorce agreements, child custody and more.

“I started this firm because I believe that a New Beginning is something everyone deserves.” –Renée Moore

Jerred’s proficiency and strong case history in criminal law has been built on many years of experience. His vision is to see New Beginning® Law be a strong voice for those seeking criminal defence lawyers and criminal law attorneys in St. Paul. With this knowledge in Criminal Law, New Beginning® Law can help our clients with bail hearings, DWI defence, impaired driving defence, file reviews and consultations, resolution discussions, preliminary inquiries, trials and much more.

New Beginning Law


Helping you with your New Beginning

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We proudly serve St. Paul, Alberta. We invite you to visit us at our location 1 block north of the St. Paul Courthouse and meet our team.  Call us if you have questions, and let us help you understand your rights.

We strive to be the St. Paul, Alberta Lawyers you can count on to help and guide you every step of the way.  We believe that a New Beginning is something everyone deserves.