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Jerred Moore

Jerred L.T.T. Moore, B.A.(advanced), J.D.
(Barrister and Solicitor)

Jerred L.T.T. MooreJerred is a small-town country boy who has flown across the desert in northern Saskatchewan, sailed through a Cuban electrical storm, and crawled through the aqueducts of ancient communities in Greece – afterwards he made sure that he was involved in any trip navigation.

He joined us by bringing in a case of Coke (that’s the pop, not…) and over ten years of experienced litigation practice in some 47 court locations across the country. He prosecuted for the SK, AB, and NL Crown Attorney offices before returning to defence and family practice. Along with his Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (we think this means he used more than three colours of crayons on his papers) in English and Psychology, and professional doctorate of laws, Jerred has been involved with matters heard before Appellate, Superior, and Provincial Courts across the country. He received his first murder file five days into being a SK Crown – nobody wanted to rush him TOO much – and was recently involved in the thorny legal dispute between Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Goldilocks was acquitted).

In addition to a library that rivals his wife’s shoe collection (seriously, he even reads caselaw for fun), he is a practitioner of Aikido martial arts, was awarded Top Canadian Speaker at an International Debating Competition speaking competition in Greece, and used to do a paper route for 70,000 people (probably to support his wife’s future shoe collection).

Jerred’s focus is in criminal and family law, and the dedication he provides to every client. He freely admits that his wife has the cuter smile (his wife disagrees), but he’ll defend your rights, work with the options, and give you the good and bad directly as he does so.