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Margaret Schuhmacher

Margaret Schuhmacher (Administrative Assistant)

Between breaks in her semi-pro crafting career, Margaret provides adult supervision in the New Beginning® Law office. Renée says it’s like Breakfast Club every day. Margaret says it’s really more Revenge of the Nerds, or maybe Weekend at Bernie’s. Or one of the sequels.

Margaret’s work history shows that she believes in providing the highest quality of service possible. She has lent her formidable talents to Children’s Services, operations and service at ATCO, and the extra care of AISH. She also comes with an arm’s length of special training and courses that our fingers would fall off trying to type out.

In addition to the excellent German and Ukrainian heritage that makes her the team’s cook – shh, she doesn’t know about that yet – everyone in the office remarks that Margaret has the most sense. No, really. She sells Scentsy. You can fund her retirement plan by contacting New Beginning® Law.

New Beginning® Law couldn’t be prouder to have her aboard. We’re contractually obligated to say that, but we absolutely love having her in the office with us.