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Renée L.T. Moore

Renée L.T. Moore, B.A., B.Comm. (Co-op), J.D.
(Barrister and Solicitor)

Renée L.T. MooreAmazing. Yes, we’re talking about Renée’s shoe collection, but it’s also a term she has earned by being an experienced family law litigator in three provinces, clerking at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, prosecuting for the SK Crown Attorney’s Office, and defending at the NL Legal Aid Commission. Her wall will tell you that came from studying in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and England, racking up Bachelors of Arts and Commerce, Marketing/Communications, and a professional doctorate of laws.

We didn’t buy it either – all that travel was really about finding the latest pumps. (Her husband suggests the inspiration of the shoe collection pales a bit after stepping on it at 1 a.m.).

Some people wondered why Renée didn’t go to the big cities in Alberta, but her answer is simple: she loves small town life, and serving clients in a way you can’t match in the cities. It hasn’t slowed her from being a former executive of the Canadian Bar Association (NL), member of the Indigenous Bar Association, and the youngest member of the St. Paul Senior’s Club (yes, look at her picture – we told you she’s good). She has had matters heard before the Federal Court of Canada, as well as Appellate, Superior, and Provincial Courts across the country – especially St. Paul, AB.

Renée’s focus is in family and criminal law, and the care she provides every client, with a smile declared the greatest treasure in the world (okay, that was by her husband, again, but we agree). She won’t be able to reach the books on the top shelf, but she’ll bend over backward to help you, and be frank with you as she does so.