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Thomas Tulk

Thomas Tulk (Business Manager)

A one-of-a-kind import from Newfoundland and Labrador, Tom has been involved with New Beginning® Law since its foundation. Rumour has it Renée started the business just to keep Tom occupied.

He has volunteered with multiple charities for decades, in two provinces, in addition to championing improvements to children’s education, garnering awards for outstanding community service, and pretending he’s an off-duty telephone operator.

Along with eyes that can spot a fly at fifty paces, he sports a wickedly funny sense of humour, and an eager drive to be chauffeur. He has more than thirty years of administration and technology experience, and uses it with aplomb to dethrone any board game champion. He’s also the firm electrician. And plumber. And construction fellow. Besides a Bachelor of Commerce, really, what training does he have? Over fifty specialized courses, ranging from hands-on, in-the-trenches repair work, to managing $40Million+ mergers of IT and communications companies. Really, when does he sleep?

They keep costs down by paying him in Canadian Tire money, but he seems to like it that way. We couldn’t have imagined New Beginning® Law without him. By the way, he did get a raise the other day, when they hoisted up his chair.